Sunday School

Sunday School is a vital part in the gowth of a Christian’s life. Here at New Hope Baptist Church, we have a place in Sunday School for everyone from the newborn infant to the senior citizen. Why don’t you come this week and discover how Sunday School can revitalize your life!

For more information call: 704-633-2107

Cradle Roll - Infants

Precious Treasures - 2 Year Olds

Lambs for Christ - 3 Year Olds

Faithful Fours - 4 Year Olds

Sonshine Class - 5 Year Olds

Mini Missionaries - 1st Grade

Andrew Class - 2nd Grade

Truth Seekers - 3rd Grade

Good Shepherd’s Sheep - 4th Grade

Joy Class - 5th & 6th Grade Girls

Young Disciples - 5th & 6th Grade Guys

Hope Class - 7th-12th Grade Girls

Teens 4 Jesus - 7th-12th Grade Guys

Abraham & Sarah Class - Young Couples

Berean Class - Combination

Merry Hearts - Adult Ladies

Faithful Men - Adult Men

Seasoned Saints - 50+ Years Old